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Points of vi.. E.U.!! (Punti di vista nell'E.U.!!)
Istituto 'B.Lotti' - Massa Marittima - Grosseto/Italy - I have a dream...
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Dear school Director,


we are writing this letter to tell you about a question regarding our school.


In our opinion the school isn’t just a place where  youngsters go to study but also a place where they can meet and learn together.

For example, we have noticed that in this building there isn’t a structure that fully answers our needs while there is a large library on the ground floor that is seldom used.

We would like to ask you if the library-room could become a place where we can study or do our homework as well as a meeting point for the pupils.

In fact, many students who attend drama classes on Friday afternoon, or who partecipate to sports activities, must wander among the classrooms of the different floors waiting for the courses to start. A place like the library could be suitable both to talk quietly and to consult books and magazines.


For these reasons we are asking you permission:

1.      to use the  library’s books for our researches, for reading articles on magazines, doing our homework or simply  reading a novel in our spare time;

2.       to use it as place for discussions about students’ problems;

3.      to use it as a meeting point for part of the afternoon or during the Religion hour for those students who do not attend this lesson.


We understand that there must be precise rules that the students should respect and we promise that we will help maintaining the library in order.

We would like to know your opinion about this question and we thank you in advance for your helpfulness to meet our needs.


Yours sincerely,


IVth form - ginnasio