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Points of vi.. E.U.!! (Punti di vista nell'E.U.!!)

"I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Sede ACILIA Berlinguer - Rome - Italy - IIIrd form/E - Luca's page

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I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Sede Berlinguer - Lavori Spring Day 4 C- 4th form/C Spring Day works

Luca IIIrd form/E                                                                                               


1)     PEACE!

Peace is a word to say a lot of things, about love, about hope and above all about people! People who hope in a better world where they can  live all together! Unfortunately its only a dream!

Peace, a word to express a utopia! To realise this utopia we can only believe in ourselves and in the love that lives in everyone of us!. We must do something and not just talk!



Democracy is a word that means that a society takes part to the political life of his own state to create a better style of life for everybody without taking away freedom. So everyone can live a better life without having limits to create a family where he can live happy for ever.



Solidarity is trying to be near a person that maybe you dont know and fight with him for a common objective or for an ideal! The important thing is to believe in what you are fighting for and dont leave anything at the first obstacle to return to your simple life full of futile things while another person is in trouble. He can be the guy at the train station or your best friend.



When a person is getting you nervous and you feel annoyed to be with him, you force yourself to be nice to him and to understand what his own feelings are. This is tolerance, on my point of view. Maybe someone who is different from you is difficult to understand but if you try to tolerate him, you may find a better person in him.


5)     EQUALITY!

Equality is to look at another person totally different from you from outside and to find out that he can be a brother or a sister just like you.

Equality is not to conceive the reasons that make people believe they are better than another person just because of the colour of their skin or for a different religion. I think, when someone has a doubt on a person, he can simply look inside the eyes of this person and he will find out that he is exactly like him!


 Work in progress! Others will follow!

Lavori in corso! Tornate a trovarci!