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Points of vi.. E.U.!! (Punti di vista nell'E.U.!!)
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I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Sede Berlinguer - Lavori Spring Day 4 C- 4th form/C Spring Day works



In the European Union Peace means respect for the law and traditions the state has got but I think the states that compose the E.U. should defend each other in case of a conflict.




In European Union Solidarity is very important because it is the  most relevant principle of the European Union. Solidarity  must be exercised towards states or people who need help.




We should exercise tolerance towards other people defects.




Democracy is a fundamental point of  the European Union because without it there wouldn't be freedom for all the components of the European Union. There would be dictatorship and this should never  happen.




In the European Union all people are equal because if there isn't Equality there are differences among people and there are privileges for some instead of others. This way Democracy disappears.