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Points of vi.. E.U.!! (Punti di vista nell'E.U.!!)
Istituto Bernardino Lotti di Massa Marittima (Grosseto)/Italy - Lavori Spring Day - Page 2
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I think that freedom has always been the most important right for  man. The story is full of people who fought for freedom, like the partisans, the American  Indians, the Asian Indians with Gandhi and many other people in the world even now  are fighting for this.


There are two different kinds  of freedom: physical freedom, that was the thing that permitted man to go where he wanted;

the second was the freedom of thought  and to write what he wished. That is the type of freedom that I prefer.


Fabrizio F, classe I liceo classico/Ist form






Freedom is like the air that we breath. We don’t realize that the air is around us but if somebody  takes it away, we  smother.

In fact freedom is the most important right of each person and to protect and to get it many people in the world fight against dictatorships.

Freedom is the possibility to express our opinions, to claim our rights, to reunite together, to discuss about many problems or to  judge the actions or the ideals of  powerful men.

But what does freedom mean?

It means the possibility to live without the fear of tortures or incarceration for our ideals.


In many places of the world there isn’t freedom and we in Italy are lucky but we cannot think only about us. We must fight so that all the people in the world can enjoy this great value.



Ilaria e Francesco, classe I liceo/Ist form








Freedom is one of the most important values of a society.

There are many kinds of freedom: for us freedom is maybe more superficial because it's to come back at home very late, to go to a disco and do all what we like doing...

We feel very lucky to live in a society like the Italian one, because there are many others which are worse,  like a lot of countries in all the world.

In many parts of the world children are forced to work every day for many hours, young girls must prostitute to live, people live under dictatorship. Unfortunately not only in the poor countries but also in the Western ones and in Europe the woman is often illtreated and is object of violence.

Sometimes freedom is too much! In fact  it shouldn't mean that we can do all what we want but that we must respect the rules of society and the laws of our country  to live together with happiness.




Giulia e Sophia, classe I liceo classico/Ist form








I love my freedom because without it I couldn’t live. Lots of people die for their freedom and this I think is very important and we can learn from our mistakes. Till now there have been  lots of wars, and where there is a war there isn’t freedom. For many centuries liberty wasn’t a right and people that didn’t have it usually were very poor and exploited. Even now in too many parts of the world some people haven’t  got freedom. Also in Europe there is this problem for the girls who are forced to prostitution.



Andrea, classe I liceo classico/Ist form 


FREEDOM: dream or reality?


Wouldn’t it be beautiful to get up one morning and understand to be in a world where you can say, think and do everything you want, without any obligation or restriction, free from everyone or everything. In the end, what is freedom? It depends on the part of the world where you live. For us who live in the western society the concept of freedom is softer, it is individual freedom rather than political freedom. For a western teenager  restrictions to freedom are to return back home early in the evening, not to go to the disco or in general be obliged to do something that we don’t like doing; instead for a man of the third world means living under terrible dictatorships, where they sometimes are treated like animals without rights but only with obligations or the fear of a sure death. We don’t know what we can do to help them, but we’d like to do this.



Caterina e Rachele, classe I liceo classico/Ist form